The Power of Sustainable Single Serve Coffee

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

GreenPod Coffee Packing is a local coffee pod packaging company in Midlothian, Virginia. GreenPod came to life after owners Julie and Gary Kratzer searched for a sustainable solution to single serve coffee. They had been roasting specialty coffee for a couple years through their business Guide Roasting Company. And when they discovered a solution that solved all the current issues with single serve coffee pods in plastic cups, they wanted to share it with the specialty coffee community. They purchased the first machine to make compostable coffee pods that taste better than traditional pods, are good for the Earth, and accessible to small specialty roasters.

Starting in November of 2020, GreenPod Coffee Packing will begin the manufacturing of their signature GreenPod, compatible with Keurig style single serve coffee brewing machines. GreenPod is fully compostable and eco-friendly with absolutely no plastics. GreenPod is proud to offer packing services for other specialty roasters who are looking to offer a delicious, more sustainable cup of coffee to their customers using pods. With a strong focus on community and supporting small businesses, GreenPod Coffee Packing will revolutionize the coffee pod industry, and for the first time, bring customers and roasters a convenient, single serve cup of coffee they can be proud of.

Learn more by visiting and Find them on social media @greenpod_coffee

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