Crackin' Coffee: Our Partners!

Where would we be without the support and beans of our roasters! The folks below are all native to Virginia and all roast some serious, serious coffee. This list may not be accurate at the time of your reading, as we are adding new roasters all the time to keep things fresh for our subscribers; however, this will give you a good idea of the people we like to support! Support a range of roasters like the ones below by checking out our subscription boxes!

Note: Descriptions in quotations have been sourced from the roaster's website.

1- Guide Roasting Company (Midlothian, VA)

" all started with kids that didn’t sleep and the gift of an espresso machine for our 8th wedding anniversary. It only grew from there as we bought our first small coffee roaster, and Gary attended roasting school out of state. The farther we went, the more fun we were having, so we decided to go all in and start Guide Roasting Company together in 2018. Today, we have a store front location where we proudly serve our customers delicious, freshly roasted coffee in a variety of ways."

2- Lamplighter Coffee Roasters (Richmond, VA)

Located in the heart of Richmond, VA, this roaster provides coffee for its two seperate cafes and partner cafes across Virginia. A staple of the local coffee community, Lamplighter Roasting provides a wide range of single origins and blends from South America.

3- Recluse Roasting (Richmond, VA)

"Recluse Roasting Project is a specialty coffee company in Richmond, VA run by Aimee Biggerstaff and Jack Fleming. They met while working for Olympia Coffee Roasters, where the two of them have worked... [their] goal is to source the best coffees possible all while paying the producers they work with two to three times fair trade pricing...t is difficult sometimes, being as small as they are, but it is one of their main values as a company. Working directly with coffee producers helps the farmers afford to do things such as commit to organic farming practices, add welfare to their team by helping build more structural homes and rest areas on their property, offer food packages for their workers and so on."

4- Legacy Roasting Company (Hopewell, VA)

"Our story humbly began on February 2014 in Larry Hancock’s parent’s garage. Using a grill purchased from Craigslist, rigged with a Chevy windshield wiper motor and a rotisserie drum, might I add, we roasted small batches of coffee beans and sold them at farmers markets as well as to friends and family. In 2018, we moved out of our parent's garage and into a beautiful 1920’s brick building in Downtown Hopewell. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is offering a high-quality coffee experience. With the option of many coffees and the ability to create your own blend, we will even name it after you. Our goal is to offer a coffee for every palate."

5- Lexington Coffee (Lexington, VA)

"So, what makes coffee from a small town so special? Flavor. Sumptuous, spectacular, oh-wow-that's-absolutely-amazing flavor. Flavor that comes from discerning crop selection, skillful roasting, and a maniacal obsession with freshness. We could go on about our stringent quality control, our commitment to sustainability and our awesome customer service, but we'd rather let our coffee do the talking."

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